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The Dog Food

How Well Do You Know The Chicken Jerky Treats For Your Dogs?


Some dogs owners feed chicken jerky treats to their dogs either as an addition to their diets or maybe even as a means of reward for their good behavior. As the name suggests, chicken jerky treats are among the dog treats you will find in pet stores that are fed to dogs. Nevertheless, it is expected that a responsible dog owner feeds their dog food that is safe for consumption and healthy too. Most dog owners want to give treats to their dogs. But how well do they know their dog treats? From this article, you will get to understand more about the chicken jerky treats.


Chicken jerky treats at are typically made from chicken breasts. Bet, most of you, didn't know that. Well, this mostly applies to those of high quality. There is quite some big difference between those made from the chicken breasts and those that aren't. This is because chicken breasts are inherently high in proteins and do not contain lots of fats. This is a good thing as it, in turn, ends up as being good and healthy for the dog.  Giving your dog chicken jerky treats, therefore, means that you need not add gluten to their meals as this may cause allergies to the dogs. Gluten is found in wheat and grains related to it.


It is said that the FDA has released a warning on these treats, precisely those coming in from China. Apparently, some dog owners have been complaining about these treats making their dogs sick. And it is believed that the tainted treats are made in China. All the same, this doesn't mean that dog owners stop feeding these treats to their dogs. What you have to do is ensure that the treats are made in the USA just as a safety precaution to your dog. It is believed that those made in the USA are made under strict manufacturing practices as compared to the others, learn more here!


You also have to understand that just like any other treats given to your dogs the chicken jerky has to be given in equally small amount. They are just, but an addition to the dogs' diet and hence you need to give them with balance. It should not be more than a quarter of the percentage of his daily food intake. Excess dog treats might in some cases lead your dog to gaining much weight which later causes obesity. Chicken jerky treats are among the best dog treats there are. For additional facts and information about dog treats, you can go to