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The Dog Food

3 Super Treats for Your Dog


Just like a human being, when the dog eats nutritious food will help to it to have a healthy mind as well as a strong body. The body of a dog also need vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and other minerals to help in better development. However, even with the dog eating junk food will not be healthy to its development and increases the health risks of the dogs in that you will find your dog is not active most of the times and it gets prone to diseases. No one wants to expose the dog that we love into health risks, and therefore there are some food that if you feed your dog with, it will grow strong and healthy. Here are some of the food that guaranteed a healthy growth of your dog.


1) Broccoli

 Broccoli has been known as an excellent source of vitamin K, B2, B6, E, C. This improves the power that the brain of a dog needs to function properly. If you include broccoli regularly in the food of your dog, it will develop a smooth skin, bright eyes a healthy heart and will free from any cancer attack.


2) Carrots

Considering that carrot is rich in vitamin A, K, and C,  it will help in the development of healthy bones and teeth in the dog, as well as give your dog a good eyesight just as they (carrots) do to a human body. Carrots are full of nutrients that will help to lower their risks of heart disease in your dog. If you include carrots regularly in the meal of your dog, you will help it to grow strong.


3.) Blueberries.

Blue berries are also super treats at for your dog. They contain fiber and antioxidants which help in brain development of the dog, at an energy booster and they contribute in controlling and maintaining the blood sugar levels in a dog as well to help in the maintenance of proper digestion of food in a dog.


Try including blue berries in the meal of the dog, and you will have some amazing results. To get more ideas on how to choose the right dog treats, go to


The Bottom Line.

It will be of great benefit if you feed your dog with these foods. It will help your dog grow strong, and you will love to see it free from any disease. However, it is advisable that you slowly introduce these foods to your dog's regular diet or as treats at until they're used to them. If you are looking for a healthy dog, introduce these foods.